Tonight I showed up at Orlando Live Events to witness the start of the 2017 season.  They were scheduled for 8 performances.  I wanted to record my excitement as I entered the facility for the start of LIVE JAI ALAI once again in Orlando, but things surely didn't go as planned.  I ask that you please share and comment.  The sport deserves better.

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Please forward this to the State.  Department of Business and Professional Regulation - Division of Pari Mutuel Wagering. 

We now know that POS Catina doesn't work on Mondays.   I'm sure he also doesn't work any holidays when his place is open and those two temporary lackeys shown in the video are making minimum wage away from their families.

An upcoming promotion this shithole has (no lie)....they will be giving hourly tours of the facility.   I guess this is to promote all the rats and cockroaches one building can hold.   "Ladies and Gentleman, here is the workout facility that our three world class athletes use."   "Over there that is Dennis and a fellow they call Knee Pads Chris utilizing the latest in 1970s Nautilus equipment"   " The athletes we employ are hungry and are looking to win that Ham Sandwich and $5 per game."

Just a reminder that there is lots of chatter on the Merry Festival Facebook.  Even if you are not on FB, you should be able to see the updates at:

Another person has been banned ... Stay tuned!
Don't blame those 2 guys. Honestly, this shit starts at the top. Thanks for posting this,rob. Were you expecting this or was it a total surprise?

For now, let's just say I had ZERO clue that I would not be admitted into the building.  That literally knocked my socks off.  I figured I would be allowed in for the $10 entry fee.  For them to ban me and have my picture there at a podium ... well, I feel like a rock star!  I'll provide more commentary later in the week.

I'm curious Rob - What picture of you do you think they have?  Did POS Catina scour the web looking for your image....blow it up...print it out......then post it on his wall of shame?

BTW, I want to sign up for the upcoming 1:00pm facility tour.   Can't wait to be escorted to the immaculate announcer's stained simulcast cubicles.....other remote areas of the fronton in which convicted felons easily might be found. 

I'm starring in a new 80's style Jai alai video game.  Must have been from there:

Hey everyone ... here's an update for those that are concerned with the integrity of how Jai Alai is being treat at Orlando Live Events.  I have contacted:

  • Real Radio 104.1
  • WESH 2 News Orlando
  • The Orlando Sentinel
  • Tony Glover, Director - Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering
  • Steven Kogan, Chief of Investigations - Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering

I have also exchanged voicemails with Steven and he is reviewing the case.

As a side note, I did a Facebook ad to let folks on a wider audience know the way things are being handled in Orlando.  Kind of funny, I've spent more on advertising Jai Alai than Orlando Live Events has the last few years ... ha!

Here is some insight into the results (so far).  Nearly 8,500 have seen it AND over 1,200 have reacted to it!  Yes, there are JAI ALAI fans out there in the world that care about our beloved sport!


Absolute Disgrace by Orlando Jai Alai...i shared video Rob


Can I have permission to use your video on my site? I have some interesting news for everyone!
Please everyone ... Share away!

I also made phone calls to everyone that you did Rob. What a disgrace. You did the game a great service by doing this. They could of at least did what Fort Pierce is doing, although that is not much better. Orlando is ran by some very unsavory characters. You can tell they have no idea what the F they are doing with ANY facet of business. 

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