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At present, all 8 games are singles.  10 players from Dania are the pelotaris.  Only three minutes or so exist between games; you have to bet quickly.  Today, Sunday, the entire performance of 8 games was completed in approximately an hour and a half - I was out by 1:30 PM, with a noon post time.  The scoreboards are two large TV screens, one each mounted on each wall on the left and right side of the bleacher seating.  While the game is in progress, the screens show the number of points each team has, and the rotation order, like is done at Miami Jai Alai.   The results of each game are announced only once.  The pay-offs of the preceding game are on the TV screens only briefly.  That brief attention to the results should be expanded, in this writer's opinion.  The game, while in progress, is shown on the screens.  The view from the bleachers is good, and quite close to the cancha.

  With a cancha which is only 120 feet in length, and a rubber ball, this is a front court game.  Caroms are common, and even more difficult to defend than usual because of the thin contra-cancha and the cloth screen which may not be able to be climbed.  Fans will see more dejadas (and more dejada attempts) than at other frontons.  The pelotaris still have to get used to the small size of the cancha and the less lively ball.  The fronton is experiencing growing pains, but let's all hope for the best.

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Thanks Aficionado for the insight.  I have very mixed emotions and will remain on the bench for now in regards to what deems this successful.  I think these courts would be a great way to expose the sport on a grander scale to Any Town, USA.  In terms of the pros and what it accomplishes, I'm remaining neutral for now.  For me, part of the thrill of the sport has been the sounds, sights, and smells (ha!).  Without the cracking of the pelota against a granite wall, I'm not sure I would be captivated.  I wish them the best and it'll be interesting to see 6 months, a year, 2 years from now what comes of these efforts. 

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