Congrats to Diego and Leke for a huge win vs Aritz and Lopez... Fun match to watch!!!   Very tense tiebreaker to 5 points and that last point was really good... I don't think we will see Leke playing the early games at Dania when they return... Can't wait!!!

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One of the most thrilling endings to any partido Ive seen, with Lopez going crazy on line 7 and Leke hanging on for dear life.

Sounds like quite the partido!  I'm assuming there is (or will be a link) to watch a replay?

Awesome Ending to a very good match.....Would love to see partido's at Dania or Miami...Leke should only sub in early games thats for sure.

A question about triple crown and what you would do

A few years back when solozabal was going for it, he needed a win the last day in singles. he was on the court less than a minute and did not finish in the money.( if i remember right )
If it was you, what post would you like to be coming out of?
Post 3 always good to me when i needed it back in amateur days.
I would want 3

I was never good enough to analyze/complain/strategize about my post position.  I played with a very fun loving group here in Orlando.  For us, it was just a day on the court!  :-)

If I was a pro, I guess I would salivate at those Post 8's.  Quickest path to the finish line or just getting in the money ... BUT lose once and might not get off the pine again that game.  Here's a glance at the recent Dania stats.  A small sampling.  Post 7 ... "BURIED!"

I would always want to be post 1 in singles...   ALWAYS!!!

Thanks guys. Another question. One time I threw a ball through a school window while a security guard was watching me.(probably thinking I hope he doesn't throw that ball through that window). Anything like this ever happen to you?

Ha ... great stuff!  Well at Orlando, there have been various gaps in the screen(s) over the years.  A few balls made it into the audience.  One of us (during amateur play) put one in the Terrace restaurant.  I'm pretty sure a few years back, Arta got irritated and winged a ball that went through the screen and hit someone.  I'll defer to others that might have been there in person.

Rob, I think i saw Wayne put 2 through the screen and into the restaurant in the same session... LOL   JA, it almost seems like you know that I had a ball go over the back wall at a school and break a window... We went inside the school and found the room it was in and retrieved the ball...We also had a throw go over the front wall and break a very large pane glass window across the street from the court we were playing on... Getting that ball back was a good story too... And these were real pelotas!!!

Ha! ... well, I also saw Wayne hit a guy in our group (with a forehand) and he was "supposedly" geometrically in a safe position!

Good stuff and good memories. Thank you.

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